State-of-the-Art HVAC for Hunt Library at NC State

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Raleigh, N.C. (January 31, 2013) — The state-of-the-art Hunt Library on the North Carolina State University campus opened January 2, 2013. To heat and cool the facility, engineers from Affiliated Engineers partnered with Brady to design a system that uses 30 percent less energy than conventional systems. The result is two custom outside air units with dual energy recovery wheels supplying conditioned outside air to 456 chilled beam radiant panels.

Chilled-beam technology has been in use for more than 20 years across Europe. The chilled beam has no moving parts. It uses hot-and cold-water coils to heat or cool the air sent from the outside air units. One of Brady’s first forays in chilled-beam technology is the Raleigh Transit Center complex in 2009. The successful operation of that system for more than three years helped make the decision that chilled beams would be good for the new library.

“The Hunt Library is a signature building for N.C. State University,” says JD Howard, one of two project engineers from Brady. “This library will redefine the way people think a library should feel and function.” Howard goes on to say, “The flexibility of the chilled beam concept allows for the efficient heating and cooling of almost any type of space, regardless of shape, size or usage. It also is flexible in appearance. At Hunt Library, we spent a good amount of time adjusting the standard chilled beam design to achieve the look the designers desired. In doing so, the chilled beams actually blend into the space as an architectural element.”

Mechanical contractor company John J Kirlin, LLC installed the equipment working with Brady project manager Adam Sippel. The system of chilled beams was actually commissioned into operation in July of 2012. This early commissioning not only proved the effectiveness of the system to operate in the extreme heat and humidity of North Carolina summers, it provided a comfortable work environment for the staff tasked with the responsibility of loading in the collection of 1.5 million items that make up the library’s inventory.

About Brady:
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