Me Fine Foundation awarded grant by the Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation

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Grant to help families who have children battling cancer at UNC and Duke Children's Hospitals

PRINCETON, Jan 31, 2013 - On October 25, 2012 the Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation contributed $15,000 to Me Fine Foundation in support of their Family Assistance 2013 Pediatric Cancer Program.

This program is providing financial support to families whose children are in cancer treatment programs at UNC and Duke Children's Hospitals. All of these families are sacrificing their livelihoods to give their children lifesaving or last chance treatment, and this grant is allowing Me Fine to provide support to them during one of the most challenging times they will ever face.

Since September 2004, Me Fine has helped families with specific financial needs brought about by very long and unexpected hospital stays. With minimal red tape Me Fine is able to provide some hope and peace to families by paying for just about any treatment related expense a family may incur. Grants from organization's, such as the Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation, are going to give a family more time to dedicate to their children in treatment instead of time spent worrying where money for rent, gas, hotel stays, utilities, groceries, and unfortunately even funeral expenses are going to come from.

The mission of Me Fine Foundation is to voluntarily provide necessary resources and financial assistance to parents and caregivers with children being treated at UNC and Duke Children's Hospitals regardless of race, diagnosis, economic status or religion in memory of Folden Lee, IV. To date Me Fine has raised nearly $2,000,000 and helped over 750 families in need.


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