NC State Golf Schools announce their dates for 2013

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         North Carolina State University is proud to announce the
                                      dates for the 25th annual junior golf schools to be held
                                      this June & July 2013.  The first session is June 11-14.
                                      The second session is June 17-20. The third session is June 24-27.
                                     The fourth session is July 1-4. Each session accepts boys and girls ages 6-18. 
                                     The school teaches all phases of the game and is a generous
                                     promoter of junior golf.  The schools are held at Wildwood
                                    Green Golf Club and the Lonnie Poole Golf Course @ NC State,
                                    both in Raleigh. The classes are limited to the first 60 students.
                                    For more information, please call Chip Watson, Director of School Services
                                   @ 919-846-1536 or visit or