Children With Disabilities Create Unique Christmas Cards

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Proceeds benefit RHA Howell’s Tar River center in Greenville.

November 19, 2012 (Greenville, NC) -- Hand tracings, fingerprints, tiny toe prints – the children at RHA Howell’s Tar River center in Greenville have used all three to create this year’s package of eight Christmas Cards and envelopes, which are now on sale for $10 per package.

Tar River is an Infant/Children’s Medically Fragile residential facility for children up to age 15 who have acute or chronic health problems requiring round-the-clock, seven-days-a-week therapeutic intervention and skilled nursing care. Tar River is also a demonstration project run cooperatively with East Carolina University's School of Pediatric Medicine.

The children at Tar River can’t cut paper and color like other children. But with the Tar River staff’s help, they create these unique holiday cards, which feature the names and ages of the children that created them on the back.

“It is so much fun to create the cards with the kids and they get such a kick out of it,” said Quniteria Crandle, RHA Howell Tar River program specialist.

The Tar River children have also created eight all-occasion cards and envelopes in the same manner and for the same price.

The Christmas and all-occasion cards can be purchased from the RHA Howell website ( via PayPal. Click on the Christmas Cards icon on the left.

All proceeds from sales of the cards benefit RHA Howell Tar River. For more information on the Tar River center, visit

For more information on RHA Howell, visit

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